In the most diverse fibers and compositions.

Simple Elastomeric Yarns

Combed Yarns

Open End Yarns

Twisted Yarns

Organic Yarns

Covered Elastomeric Yarns

Compact Yarns

Siro Yarns

Filament Yarns

Dyed Yarns

Multivortex Yarns

Slub Yarns

Recycled Yarns



PerPETual, only manufacture 100% sustainable yarns that offer unparalleled comfort, performance, and tenacity.  The yarns have been used in various applications including circular knitting, warp knitting, seamless knitting, weaving, mesh, fleece, denim, apparel work-wear, automotive, furnishings, and technical textiles to name a few.

In addition to them standard filament yarns, we offer specialised yarns such as recycled yarns with moisture management, fully drawn yarn (FDY), dope-dyed and yarn-dyed, de-torque yarns, recycled filament yarns with lycra and/or spandex attachments.

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